Safe shopping with 4FootyFans & 4MovieTVfans



With years of experience providing secure online shopping to our customers, you can be sure that any purchases you make with 4FootyFans & 4MovieTVfans will be safe from fraud.

How your details are kept safe

All Credit Card information is passed over a secure connection using the latest encryption technology. When you go to the 'Checkout' page, you will see that the page starts with 'https' (meaning secure SSL connection) and there is a padlock at the bottom of your browser window indicating this. Your details are only decrypted after they reach our fulfilment department. Our systems are extremely secure and so your credit card details are safe.

In fact, every one of our pages starts with 'https' and so is secure; that is whether or not you are inputting anything of a personal nature.


What is SSL?

SSL is a technology used by many online retailers to keep customers' personal data safe during transactions with them. SSL lets your computer know that the website you are dealing with can be trusted, as well as hiding your personal details from any third parties who might try and intercept the data when it sent from your computer to 4FootyFans & 4MovieTVfans.